TouchPoint 医疗移动技术车

TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts were designed with caregivers in mind. Humanscale Healthcare applied workspace ergonomics principles to create a product that addresses and streamlines the workflow challenges of a modern healthcare environment.

Humanscale Healthcare’s TouchPoint series of workstations-on-wheels (WOWs) features unmatched mobility, valuable space savings, exceptionally easy and comfortable use, lasting durability, high-performance capabilities for both laptops and PCs, and advanced cable management. These sleek, innovative technology carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges, offering caregivers the most intuitive, ergonomic IT experience possible.

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Humanscale 健康护理的医疗移动技术车(workstations-on-wheels),配备无可比拟的移动性,节省空间,极其舒适好用,持久稳定,高性能同时支持手提电脑和 PC,并具有先进的线缆管理。这些时尚、创新的科技医疗车解决了当下的医疗保健 IT 挑战,为医护人员提供最直观、符合人体工程学的IT体验。